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For deeper understanding of 1MSS philosophy – interview with Radim Valigura

4V6B1257x (kopie)Ing. Radim Valigura

He spent his childhood playing tennis. Since 2003-2007 Radim worked in Switzerland as tennis coach responsible for professional athletes, including the former world #1 Martina Hingis. Upon his return to Czech Republic he dedicated his work to 1MMS project where he developed training system Mental Supremacy®, which applies across business and professional sport.

Mental Supremacy is very unknown term, can you please explain what it is about? 

Term Mental Supremacy is a condition when we feel stable, our mind is offensive and we have desire to reach new goals.

This sounds a bit like a fight when one side has supremacy the other side must be inferior, is that right?

The only thing that is related to a fight is the history in Martial Arts. Otherwise this term pursues a different dimension.

We are able to perceive the situation “from above”. We have gained supremacy over the situation.  Being supreme to the situation means knowing and understanding to all related circumstances; knowing how they relate to each other and why they happened. Consequently, I will have a better awareness of the whole situation and I am better equipped for the future.

So when I have mental supremacy my problems are easily solved? 

The real question is what we call the problem? Everything that is happening to us has a meaning and when we are able to analyze the situation “from above” we are on the way to solve is successfully. However, the remaining question is our actual level of dynamic power or energy. Depending on the energy level we are able to find the right solution to the problem because another player on the scene are our emotion which closely relate to level of dynamic power which dictates how quickly and effectively I am able to utilize my understanding of the situation into my actions.

Originally, you are a tennis coach. How did you end up with Mental Supremacy?

My whole life was about tennis till about 2007 though I was only Divisioradim+martina Hn 1 player. I have always been a thinker which does not go well with a professional sport and result-driven environment.

Logically, I became a coach where I could use my thinking. During 2004 – 2007 I received an offer to work with living tennis legend Martina Hingis, where I was able to get the highest point of view in tennis. I witnessed almost daily the way Martina was beating players that were much stronger than her because she was able to use something special that set her apart from everyone else. You would never notice the difference during practice match and Martina even lost many times but when the real competition came she ruled the court. And I wanted to know why. With my determination to know more, opportunities showed up in terms of meeting the right people who gave me the missing parts of my puzzle.


Am I understanding correctly that this meant parting with tennis?

Tennis is a beautiful sport and I enjoy it very much, thus, I will never part with it completely. Tennis is one of the richest sports and there are plenty opportunities but it is just one sport, one community with similarly thinking people and similar problems. My services reach further than that so I wanted to prevent this limitation.

How did you come up with the idea of First Mental Supremacy school?

It was after the year 2010, when my former colleagues and I truly grasped the core of what we were doing. In this day and age information is widely available to anyone, however, there are only few training centers which are concerned about practical application.

In your study materials there are widely used terms such as metaphysics or energy-informational?

Not really. Training MS® is not ezotheric. On the other hand, everyone hDSC02844 (kopie)as experienced things and feelings which are hardly explained with our left hemisphere because they are based in metaphysics.Training MS is based on metaphysics and clarifies things that are “unreal” and provides continuity and practical implications using our physical body and its movement where these dynamic processes can me easily demonstrated. Our goal is education and realization of our clients in this field of fine matter, which is during competition very much overlooked.

You see, this brings me to the next question. There is a sword on almost every picture on your website. Why is that? 

Sword has many taSAMSUNG CSCsks in MS®. First, using the sword we put not only our body but also our emotions into motion. There are studies that show that only the pure holding of the sword in our hand rises our concentration levels because our body is preparing for a fight. Furthermore, this movement is so specific because it requires whole body coordination and engages both hemispheres of our brain.

Second, there is thousand years old philosophy that supports our ogumdo mind-in-motion training method: during sword fight there are no excuses. There is only win or lose situation. Nobody is asking if you are ready, whether you have trained enough. It is just us and our responsibility, just like in any other job or sport, or life.

Can you please give us an example of a concrete situation which can be solved using MS training? 

There are many examples and training is very complex depending on the rDSC_4993 (kopie)oot of the problem. For example, hockey team that has slow starts of the game. If the first minutes of the game costs a lot of energy and the opponent takes advantage it can be hard to catch up. The solution lies in understanding dynamic cycles of the players’ focus (inner quality) and dynamic energy of the game (outer quality). Training MS helps to understand and harmonize these qualities and help players take over their actions.


image001 (kopie) Another example comes from soccer. Soccer team which is last in the tables with only a few matches left is facing huge pressure from the management, etc. to win. The players move all their thoughts on everything that is currently not working instead of focusing on the team. Players lose focus of what is important and stop thinking as a team which brings them even further down. Solution lies again in understanding the continuity of all factors involved.sk8 (kopie) How metaphysical levels can influence our power and direction of our thinking. After MS training the players understand that only after rejuvenation of dynamic power we are able to think proactively and fokus on solution instead of the problem.

In your offer there is also business-related training?

Yes and that is exactly the ovelap I was talking about. Business managers use similar principles as professional athletes only in different field. The less requireDSCN1549 (kopie)ment of the physical result, the more requirement is at the mental level of a manager or team leader. Keeping your cool under pressure situations requires high levels of dynamic power and conscious usage of this precious power. Managers train through work experience, however, mental training through physical activity provides a whole different level.


Can you please also provide some concrete examples? 

Corporation is stagnating due to change in the markets and many long-tEM4C6584erm employees are refusing to change the way things are done. New manager is hired to improve things and is facing sabotage from the current employees. The success of this new manager lies in his/her level of dynamic power which enables him/her to keep his focus on the important things and keep his vision of the future. Training and MS® education may easily be the deciding factor in this corporate change.





Another example would be focus training before highly important meeting or negotiation. MS training can help raise dynamic power before these crucial meetings which helps to keep focus longer and stay centered.




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