The meaning of Mental Supremacy (MS) means being mentally above not over someone but over something. It means to be able to rise above a certain situation or problem. Mental Supremacy condition means being in control of our emotions which usually take control over our behavior during pressure situations.

I. The meaning of MS in Martial Arts
In Martial Arts, Mental Supremacy state-of-mind is considered as natural component of the fight and crucial winner’s attribute. This condition can be described as a state of inner focus and overall stability of the human body on all three levels – body, emotions and mind. This condition enables us to overcome our fears and encouradges our ambition to win. We are able to see from a wider angle and have deeper understanding of the situation we are currently in. Our opponent is no longer beyond our control but on the contrary he is part of our plan to succeed. His reactions are anticipated and our actions are clear and decisive.

II. The meaning of MS in Sports
In the professional sports Mental Supremacy condition enables us to maintain our focus on the clearly set goals and being able to eliminate all the disruptive elements around us (coach, parents, opponent, sponsors, etc.) as well as being able to stay flexible and adjust to ever-changing conditions with the minimal loss of energy. We are able to rise above the situation we are in and effectively use our intuition despite being under pressure.

III. The meaning of MS® in Business
In business environment Mental Supremacy condition enables business leaders to maintain focus and deeper understanding of the problem/situation as well as enhanced anticipation of upcoming changes while increasing the ability to cope with them.

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