MS® Consulting is mainly used by corporations, entrepreneuers and professional athletes in order to gain mental edge. MS® Consulting supports and further expands other forms of coaching with the dynamic physical level since most principles are experienced on our own body.

Goal is to discover optimal solution
Same way how dynamic power is used in education in order to improve the understanding of the topic of interest, we are also able to use for example Aikicom principles in order to explain another point of view on the topic of interest and find a more effective solution to the problem.

Starting point is different for everyone
Consulting process at the individual level is based on all three levels mental (conscious), emotional (subconscious) and physical level. MS® Consulting considers all three levels as mutually interconnected with the same importance. These levels infuence each other, thus, if one is out of balance the other two do not function at the optimal level. This imbalance is usually the heart of the probem of the client. The goal is to find where this imbalance is (mental, emotional or physical level) and find a solution how to bring it back to optimal level.

This three-level balance works for a group just the same way like at the individual level. Thus, this learning process can be utilized for teams and organizations.

From the individual level to team level
Team‘s mental level (in form of goals and visions) consists of individual mental levels of all team members (individual goals). Goals can only be effectively and succesfully achieved if ALL members have a clear understanding of the main purpose of this goal. The degree of attractiveness of this goal depends on how well the purpose is received in order to drive the emotional level (motivation to achive this goal) and realize these goals at the physical level as the whole team. Every individual has its own vision (goal) and its own motivational drivers and if these are aligned within the team it can function at its full potential because it has all three levels in balance. The team finds purpose (mental level) • with the right purpose it has motivation (emotional level) • motivation drives the individual members to realize the goal (physical level).

From the team level to the whole organization
Organization is a structure of different teams with a common main goal (its mental level); emotional level consists of internal communicational systems and motivation of each individual and physical level is comprised of capabilities, skills and projects of individual employees who together realize the firm’s goals and visions. If this main goal has a purpose for each individual then the firm can also perform at its full potential.
MS® Consulting process sees the organization as a human being which is the smallest part of it, thus, follows the same principles of dynamic power and implications of the individual three levels (mental, emotional and physical).

Dynamic power – key to success in the professional world

Professional world differs significantly with one main variable – TIME. Time provided for any action or performance and consequently time provided for our recovery process. Whether it is professional sport, business proposal or lawsuit preparation, time usually plays an important factor when compared to our personal lives. In today’s competitive environment we are unfortunately not in charge of our time. We are forced to perform, react or decide quickly under pressure and recover fast.

The difference in recover time in personal and professional environment (Exhibit 1 and 2.).

Explanation: pyramid in Exhibit 1 shows action and recovery time in non-competitive environment where there is unlimited time for recovery before another action. However, in the professional environment the recovery time is limited before another action due to pressure from the employer, competition, deadlines as well as personal pressure – our own demands (Exhibit 2). If there is no recharge during the short recovery time in terms of dynamic power then the drop will cause also drop of the other two levels which will show up as loss of concentration, motivation and possible burnout. Thus, our next action will have significantly lower impact – we won’t perform at our best potential (Exhibit 3). The result feels like we are in the vicious cycle of our own failures.

MS® methodology offers solution in results-oriented environment in both professional sport as well as business.

Corporate sphere has a lot in common with professional sport. The only difference is the way the results show up. In professional sports the physical level is more visible as opposed to the business world where it is the mental level. Effective systems and structure in corporations as well as dynamic thinking and decision making of employees all present a healthy functioning organization.

“Even the sharpest sword can’t hit the target unless made out of good steel and has enough speed. Just like the greatest idea can’t be realized unless it has enough power and skill behind it.”.

From the individual level to team level.
Corporations are made of different departments and departments are made of people. All three levels of this structure have one common denominator – which is the logic how they all mutually impact each other. The corporation is only as strong as its weakest link.

MS® Consulting offers internal point of view which uses logical analysis to help clarifying mutual influence among all variables – organization, teams and individual employees. The purpose of MS® Consulting is to offer a unique point of view and recommended solution using the principles of the dynamic power.

Form of cooperation
Option Sigma acts as a partner and can interfere partially at only one level or conduct a gradual changeover which engages all three levels.

MS® Consulting offers the following services:

High-level analysis of the issue utilizing the MS® methodology.

Recommended use:

  • Consulting for individuals or teams in order to gain an external point of view (Ex. Important decision making, etc.).
Working through the issue or topic of interest using the dynamic power at the mental level.

Recommended use:

  • Individual coaching of problem-solving.
Meeting facilitation
Mental preparation before important meetings utilizing the MS® methodology.

Recommended use:

  • Specialized training focused on raising the dynamic power in the human body which increases concentration level of all participants.

Interactive workshop
60-120 minute module which explains the continuity of issues and events in a given situation or problem and suggests an optimal way of utilizing this knowledge. The goal is to bring a complex point of view on the given issue.

Recommended use:

  • Consulting module useful for groups and teams that focuses on problem solving utilizing MS® methodology at all three levels.
Activation Plug-In
90-120 minute module which engages the physical level in order to activate mental level to raise awareness and ability to see the isssue from all angles with activating our perception.

Recommended use:

  • Periodical use of this module may lead to utilizing participants‘ full potential.
    One-off use of this module leads to increased dynamic power in human body and raised concentration.
Corporate training
MS® Methodology half-day/full-day/multiple-day training consisting of physical exercise as well as problem analysis. This unique training increases motivation and overall understaning of the problem

Recommended use:

  • Complex and dynamic training with problem analysis and solution.
  • Can also be altered as a teambuilding activity.


MS® Consulting in professional sport is the newest revolutionary system of professional training.

Regular preparation period in any professional sport consists of specialized training of technique and fittness. However, the reality is that very few of the athletes perform at their best during competition. Thus, there is an imbalance between the performance in practice and in competition. It is a common knowledge that usually the best athletes train much less than the rest yet are able to succeed.

There is a different structure for the energy demand during competition. Competition brings the important moments where we thrive to succeed as well as environmental pressure (spectators, media, authorities, etc.). Thus, the burden for the mental level is quite high.

MS® methodology simulates the competition pressure where the athlete is forced to handle the pressure with help of physical level activation
Physical activity of the athlete strengthens the ability of conscious control of the visualized goals which are transfered into the subconscious (emotional) level. Thanks to this process the competitive environment becomes a comfortable field for the athlete
Once the athlete is activated via the physical and emotional levels he/she is ready for the mental level, which is an explanation of the subsequent levels. The emphasis of this step is on finding the true purpose of the physical and emotional activation and consciously utilize the dynamic power.

Consulting services for professional athletes:
MS® methodology brings an innovative view and offers solution to any issues that prevent further improvement.

Form of cooperation:
The initial intervention offer is usually decided upon client consultation and evaluation of all possible options. The main goal is to solve the problem and avoid possible relapse in the long term. The ideal plan is to engage all three levels and gradually work on every single one.

Athlete learns how to be present in mind under all circumstances, when and why there are crutial moments during competition and how to handle these situations using full potential.

Recommended use:

  • Consultation in order to determine the best way for further training.
  • Consulting module in order to solve a specific issue.
Therapy session
Analysis of the issue at the subconscious level (using kinesiologic muscle test) which usually causes loss of concentration or confidence at the mental level and consequently results in drop of performance at the physical level.

Recommended use:

  • Relief of emotional stress at the subconscious level enables the athlete to utilize all his skills during extreme pressure.
Conditioning training
Specialized MS® training, which happens in motion. Athlete learns how to increase dynamic power of the human body and use it effectively in order to perform at his best potential.

Recommended use:

  • Physical training that supports rise of dynamic power in human body which solves energy blockages of affected musscles.
  • Effective pre-competition preparation.
  • Supplemental training during competition to maintain level of dynamic power.


MS® Consulting for sports clubs offers unique way of problem-solving using MS® methodology.

Form of cooperation
Option Sigma again acts as the club‘s partner in order to support its healthy operations and can interfere partially at only one level or conduct a gradual changeover which engages all three levels.

High-level consultation to see all possible angles of the given issue in the club.
Recommended use:

  • New strategy layout for the club management.
Players learn to consciously perceive and understand when and why there are crutial moments in each competition and how to identify them early and how to effectively handle the pressure.
External point of view on strategy and tactics for the coaching team
Recommended use:

  • Supplemental training for solving competition-based issues for individuals and teams.
  • Motivational lecture for teams before an important competition.
Conditioning training
Specialized MS® training, which happens in motion. Athlete learns how to increase dynamic power of the human body and use it effectively in order to perform at best potential.
Recommended use:

  • Effective pre-competition preparation
  • Supplemental training during competition to maintain level of dynamic power.


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