Corporate sphere has a lot in common with professional sport. The only difference is the way the results show up. In professional sports the physical level is more visible as opposed to the business world where it is the mental level. Effective systems and structure in corporations as well as dynamic thinking and decision making of employees all present a healthy functioning organization.

“Even the sharpest sword can’t hit the target unless made out of good steel and has enough speed. Just like the greatest idea can’t be realized unless it has enough power and skill behind it.”.

From the individual level to team level.
Corporations are made of different departments and departments are made of people. All three levels of this structure have one common denominator – which is the logic how they all mutually impact each other. The corporation is only as strong as its weakest link.

MS® Consulting offers internal point of view which uses logical analysis to help clarifying mutual influence among all variables – organization, teams and individual employees. The purpose of MS® Consulting is to offer a unique point of view and recommended solution using the principles of the dynamic power.

Form of cooperation
Option Sigma acts as a partner and can interfere partially at only one level or conduct a gradual changeover which engages all three levels.

MS® Consulting offers the following services:

High-level analysis of the issue utilizing the MS® methodology.

Recommended use:

  • Consulting for individuals or teams in order to gain an external point of view (Ex. Important decision making, etc.).
Working through the issue or topic of interest using the dynamic power at the mental level.

Recommended use:

  • Individual coaching of problem-solving.
Meeting facilitation
Mental preparation before important meetings utilizing the MS® methodology.

Recommended use:

  • Specialized training focused on raising the dynamic power in the human body which increases concentration level of all participants.

Interactive workshop
60-120 minute module which explains the continuity of issues and events in a given situation or problem and suggests an optimal way of utilizing this knowledge. The goal is to bring a complex point of view on the given issue.

Recommended use:

  • Consulting module useful for groups and teams that focuses on problem solving utilizing MS® methodology at all three levels.
Activation Plug-In
90-120 minute module which engages the physical level in order to activate mental level to raise awareness and ability to see the isssue from all angles with activating our perception.

Recommended use:

  • Periodical use of this module may lead to utilizing participants‘ full potential.
    One-off use of this module leads to increased dynamic power in human body and raised concentration.
Corporate training
MS® Methodology half-day/full-day/multiple-day training consisting of physical exercise as well as problem analysis. This unique training increases motivation and overall understaning of the problem

Recommended use:

  • Complex and dynamic training with problem analysis and solution.
  • Can also be altered as a teambuilding activity.


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