MS® Consulting for sports clubs offers unique way of problem-solving using MS® methodology.

Form of cooperation
Option Sigma again acts as the club‘s partner in order to support its healthy operations and can interfere partially at only one level or conduct a gradual changeover which engages all three levels.

High-level consultation to see all possible angles of the given issue in the club.
Recommended use:

  • New strategy layout for the club management.
Players learn to consciously perceive and understand when and why there are crutial moments in each competition and how to identify them early and how to effectively handle the pressure.
External point of view on strategy and tactics for the coaching team
Recommended use:

  • Supplemental training for solving competition-based issues for individuals and teams.
  • Motivational lecture for teams before an important competition.
Conditioning training
Specialized MS® training, which happens in motion. Athlete learns how to increase dynamic power of the human body and use it effectively in order to perform at best potential.
Recommended use:

  • Effective pre-competition preparation
  • Supplemental training during competition to maintain level of dynamic power.


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