Option Sigma CZ founded First Mental Supremacy School CZ (1MSS CZ) in order to support effectiveness of any educational process. 1MSS‘s mission is to enhance educational process utilizing MS® methodology and also expand its use.

Maximalize the effect of any learning process.
Due to increased ability to concentrate on the topic of interest.
Engagement of the physical level.

Logic behind MS® methodology use in education
Education via MS® methodology is based on the logic of the learning process. First comes the understanding which is followed with deep comprehention and grasping of the topic. This process starts with acceptance of the thought, continues through the emotional level and ends with physical experience.

The logic of the MS® learning process is displayed via three-level pyramid:

PřExample of three-level engagement learning process:
“Knowing doesn’t mean understanding”
Imagine you want to explain to a small child that the stove is hot and should not be touched. At the mental level, the child knows that it should not touch it but most likely it will come closer and feel the heat. The emotional level is activated through the heat and the child feels the warmth. The learning process is completed when the child touches the stove and feels the heat at the physical level and burns its hand. At this point all three levels are engaged and the child has a full understanding of the word „hot“.

Importance of physical experience
MS® methodology uses the same concept in educational process for deeper understanding. The topic of interest is explained first at the mental level, then felt through at the emotional level and finally experienced at the physical level through our own body.

MS® Methodology applications
Educational process with MS® methodology:

Professional development
Využití pro firmy
Personal development
Využití pro širokou veřejnost
(For parents and children)


Option Sigma offers through First Mental Supremacy School professional development and employee training utilizing MS® methodology.

How to bring quality education to corporations?
Vast majority of corporations invest into continuing education in order to stay competitive in today’s driven environment. HR managers are forced to find new and exciting educational activities that are within their budgets. MS® methodology offers unique education in a unique and fun way.

Spojením příjemného s užitečným!
Aplikace metodického postupu MS® nabízí zaměstnavateli řešení výše uvedené problematiky a příležitost opět zaujmout ofenzivní roli tím, že poskytnutá forma bude svým provedením obsahovat výrazně vyšší přidanou hodnotu než klasické provedení vzdělávacích modulů:

Engagement of physical level brings value-added as follows:

  • Higher concentration levels = better understanding of topic of interest.
  • Energizing of the body = health effect.
  • Unique way of entertainment while learning important principles while engaging the body.
  • Education from other fields such as professional sport and applied psychology.

1MSS offers development of the following soft skills:

  • Self-management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Change management
  • Client relationship management

There are three ways of learning the above soft skills:

Interactive Lecture
60 – 90 minutes lecture where participants learn the MS® principles and test them together at the physical level using o-gumdo mind-in-motion training swords.
Recommended for groups.
60 – 90-minutes weekly lectures that are interactive and topic-based.
Recommended for individuals.
Half-day, one or multiple-day custom-made teambuilding focused on personal development and soft skills utilizing MS® methodology. This training is done in a fun and entertaining way and has a direct impact on motivation and effectivness.
Recommended for groups and teams.


1MSS offers education with Mental Supremacy® methodology for the wide publuc since Fall 2016. Educational seminars Power of Continuity explains basic principles of Mental Supremacy® and its application into everyday lives.

Everyone is familiar with some of the following situations: when someone looks at us and we look the other way; when we can’t stop thinking of something or someone; when we feel powerless with certain people; when we can’t say „no“ to certain people. All of these situations are a result of our dynamic power, which decides whether we are „active“ or „reactive“ in our behavior. In an attempt to understand these behaviors we believe the answers are in esoteric literature.

Mental Supremacy® seminars Power of Continuity focus on application into personal development, health, and relationships with the help of practical tools.

1MSS offers help in wide variety of fields:

  • Personal development/self-realization
  • Communication in relatioships
  • Health

Types of services:

Interactive Lecture
60 – 90 minutes lecture where participants learn the MS principles and test them together at the physical level using o-gumdo mind-in-motion training swords.
Recommended for groups.
60 – 90-minutes weekly lectures that are interactive and topic-based.
Recommended for individuals.
Brain power training
Specialized training focused on harmonization of right and left hemisphere that leads to improvement of cognitive skills, such as memory, coordination and reactioni.



Since Spring 2016 1MSS offers training with MS® methodology for children and youth development as well as parenting.

Training for youth and kids
Training for children and youth is adjusted and done more at the physical level instead of the mental level, however, still engaging our brain. This training focuses on employing both hemispheres of the brain in order to improve cognitive processing speed, concentration, peripheral vision, reaction, memory, coordination, error and stress reduction, etc.

Brain Power
This training is suited for children 5 years and older and focuses on balance between right and left hemispheres in order to maximize true brain potential.
Reccommended as:

  • Well-balanced fitness training for all children (to improve cognitive skills).
  • Supplemental fitness training for all sports.
Mental Brain Power
This training is suited for children 12 years and older and is a combination of Brain Power as well as mental training focused on optimal use of energy under pressure in a particual sport, such as tennis, hockey, soccer, skiing, rugby and others.
Reccommended as:

  • Training focused on development of proper technique and effective energy usage.
  • Supplemental training for future professional athletes.

Education for parents
Compared to children, parents are able to process information only at the mental level – knowing and understanding. However, MS® methodology brings also the physical level into this process which helps to absorb it in a whole different way.

Lectures and workshops
Topic-based lectures tailored to improve parenting skills.



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