Option Sigma offers through First Mental Supremacy School professional development and employee training utilizing MS® methodology.

How to bring quality education to corporations?
Vast majority of corporations invest into continuing education in order to stay competitive in today’s driven environment. HR managers are forced to find new and exciting educational activities that are within their budgets. MS® methodology offers unique education in a unique and fun way.

Spojením příjemného s užitečným!
Aplikace metodického postupu MS® nabízí zaměstnavateli řešení výše uvedené problematiky a příležitost opět zaujmout ofenzivní roli tím, že poskytnutá forma bude svým provedením obsahovat výrazně vyšší přidanou hodnotu než klasické provedení vzdělávacích modulů:

Engagement of physical level brings value-added as follows:

  • Higher concentration levels = better understanding of topic of interest.
  • Energizing of the body = health effect.
  • Unique way of entertainment while learning important principles while engaging the body.
  • Education from other fields such as professional sport and applied psychology.

1MSS offers development of the following soft skills:

  • Self-management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Change management
  • Client relationship management

There are three ways of learning the above soft skills:

Interactive Lecture
60 – 90 minutes lecture where participants learn the MS® principles and test them together at the physical level using o-gumdo mind-in-motion training swords.
Recommended for groups.
60 – 90-minutes weekly lectures that are interactive and topic-based.
Recommended for individuals.
Half-day, one or multiple-day custom-made teambuilding focused on personal development and soft skills utilizing MS® methodology. This training is done in a fun and entertaining way and has a direct impact on motivation and effectivness.
Recommended for groups and teams.


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