1MSS offers education with Mental Supremacy® methodology for the wide publuc since Fall 2016. Educational seminars Power of Continuity explains basic principles of Mental Supremacy® and its application into everyday lives.

Everyone is familiar with some of the following situations: when someone looks at us and we look the other way; when we can’t stop thinking of something or someone; when we feel powerless with certain people; when we can’t say „no“ to certain people. All of these situations are a result of our dynamic power, which decides whether we are „active“ or „reactive“ in our behavior. In an attempt to understand these behaviors we believe the answers are in esoteric literature.

Mental Supremacy® seminars Power of Continuity focus on application into personal development, health, and relationships with the help of practical tools.

1MSS offers help in wide variety of fields:

  • Personal development/self-realization
  • Communication in relatioships
  • Health

Types of services:

Interactive Lecture
60 – 90 minutes lecture where participants learn the MS principles and test them together at the physical level using o-gumdo mind-in-motion training swords.
Recommended for groups.
60 – 90-minutes weekly lectures that are interactive and topic-based.
Recommended for individuals.
Brain power training
Specialized training focused on harmonization of right and left hemisphere that leads to improvement of cognitive skills, such as memory, coordination and reactioni.



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