Since Spring 2016 1MSS offers training with MS® methodology for children and youth development as well as parenting.

Training for youth and kids
Training for children and youth is adjusted and done more at the physical level instead of the mental level, however, still engaging our brain. This training focuses on employing both hemispheres of the brain in order to improve cognitive processing speed, concentration, peripheral vision, reaction, memory, coordination, error and stress reduction, etc.

Brain Power
This training is suited for children 5 years and older and focuses on balance between right and left hemispheres in order to maximize true brain potential.
Reccommended as:

  • Well-balanced fitness training for all children (to improve cognitive skills).
  • Supplemental fitness training for all sports.
Mental Brain Power
This training is suited for children 12 years and older and is a combination of Brain Power as well as mental training focused on optimal use of energy under pressure in a particual sport, such as tennis, hockey, soccer, skiing, rugby and others.
Reccommended as:

  • Training focused on development of proper technique and effective energy usage.
  • Supplemental training for future professional athletes.

Education for parents
Compared to children, parents are able to process information only at the mental level – knowing and understanding. However, MS® methodology brings also the physical level into this process which helps to absorb it in a whole different way.

Lectures and workshops
Topic-based lectures tailored to improve parenting skills.



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