No matter the authority (coach, professor or consultant) they all thrive to accomplish the same goal — which is balance in all three levels (physical, emotional and mental) because this is the condition where we perform utilizing our best potential.

MS® methodology teaches complex knowledge about the effective use of dynamic power which is a common denominator for balance among all three levels.
MS® methodology offers unique process on how to activate and balance the three levels.
MS® methodology brings unified and practical insight into continuities which help us analyze, plan and optimalize our energy use.

MS® Methodolgy education offer:

Mental level
Theme-based lectures focused on principles of MS® methodology.
Mental + Physical level
Theme-based workshops that also engage physical activity for deeper understanding of the principles of MS® methodology.


MS® methodology also offers licences to its business partners as a unique tool to incorporate MS® methodology into its services in training, education and consulting.

Types of licences:

Individual (coaches, trainers, consultans, teachers, etc.).
Educational and consulting license for commercial purposes.
License for non-profit organizations.

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