5:08Interview - Jan Micka (swimming)Interview - Jan Micka (swimming)

Our best contemporary swimmer Jan Micka has become familiar with MS® training. On a short video that was created unplanned immediately after the training, he spontaneously communicates his impressions and feelings.

0:47VIDEO: Personal growthVIDEO: Personal growth

Coordination-cognitive training using methods of gumdo® mind in motion. It supports the overall centering of the body through physical exercise.

4:12VIDEO: ProfessionalVIDEO: Professional

Four-Minute Report on the Preparation of MS® by Jan Koukal - 18-time Czech Champion in Squash.

1:24VIDEO: ProfessionalVIDEO: Professional

Radim Valigura, in his words, explains the essence of Mental Supremacy Professional.

1:38VIDEO: ProfessionalVIDEO: Professional

A short report from the pre-competition preparation of the MS® floorball team Mladá Boleslav in the quarter-final playoff of 2016.

0:47Mental Supremacy® KidsMental Supremacy® Kids

Training by methodology MS® for football. Except for balanced body movement, it supports the activation of senses such as intuitive perception, reflexes and peripheral vision.

1:49VIDEO: ProfessionalVIDEO: Professional

Sample of corporate educational training by methodology MS®.

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