Athletes and businessmen should train their spirit as intensely as they train their body or managerial skills

What do I mean? Does it belong to all top sports business and spiritual development and energy work? I say yes! And far more than you think. It is only necessary to stop being afraid at last.

There is no energy like energy

The word energy is no longer a taboo concept in our society that is found only in esoteric texts beyond our everyday life. However, it is still something difficult to grasp, and especially for a person who is fully functioning every day in the world of maximum performance, results and numbers. Here is where our ability to manage our own energy plays a key role – whether our treatment of its physiological form, to which conscious influence we already have enough information: for example, we all know that we will affect its level by quality food composition, movement, relaxation, but mainly our treatment of her free form, which we do not know much about.

What is the free energy?

The free form of energy is all around us. The level of this form of energy in our body directly affects our free abilities – such as the degree of resistance to stress and our overall strength to walk our own way.

 And it also symbolizes the subtle world connected with Eastern philosophies and their attributes, such as the concepts of energy points, paths and chakras, which are based on the types of Eastern medicine, and which are often included in our minds in the impractical compartments of the Esoteric and Spiritual.

Energy and power

Although most of us have been slowly admitting these concepts to our lives and giving them more and more weight, it is still an inalienable area without material evidence for us. That is, an area with very subtle expressions, whose perception we need to have in order to having our senses properly tuned. We have to be in a state where we listen to our inner being and we are tuned to the momentum of the presence.

And there is a major conflict here, because our above described behavior does not correspond to the daily set-up in the world of sport-and-business. This requires our “hippy skin”. There is, on the contrary, a fine adjustment of all the obstacles involved. Every athlete or senior manager knows how he would be perceived by his colleagues and superiors if he apologized for an inadequate result, for example by saying: “I felt it was not right or I did not feel well.” The world of powers would literally eat him. It’s just not to vent their own feelings. The motto is to resist, feel numb and not to know anything.

Just when, for example, we go to the Profi players’ dressing room immediately before the competition or at a business meeting where the prize is negotiated. Immediately literally on the skin we feel the energy of “dense” form. We can literally crack it.


Why do people working in a result-oriented environment have a spiritual problem?

For the answer, we have to go into a wider context. And again, it’s about energy. Delivering power, realizing or materializing something in the results – ie, creating matter is the opposite of the abstract – perceiving the subtle vibrations of subtle information around us and rationally evaluating this information. Imagine as if our brain was a radio whose frequency is changing dynamically. On the radio, we just need to turn a particular knob to catch higher waves. However, this manual knob is missing. The interface of our consciousness with our free energy also corresponds to our ability to skip from lower frequency to higher, and to be able to capture both gross information – facts, arguments and numbers as well as subtle information – for example, whether it is good timing to use these facts.

Here’s an example:

We all know how strong our strength is when we have “concrete” tasks ahead of us, and somebody wants to lead us at the same time with the “abstract” debate. For example, what we would like to do in a year, what we would like to achieve in our lives or what our values are. How long a colleague send to the hip with the fact that we do not have the mood now?

Simply and clearly skip the attention between the two worlds and keep the wide interface of our perception of energy. That is why it is also very difficult for us to keep in touch with this non-material-subliminal world while performing our daily material-gross material performances. Athletes or managers like: “I need to train, do just work, do not go hugging trees,” are a glimmering example.

But the hugging of trees really does not matter here.. It’s about basic understanding that divide these two worlds and confine itself to the material is the same as looking only to the country and ignore the sky. And if something has a solid state -  matter, there must be somewhere liquid and gaseous – softness. Do not admit this is the same as if we deny that steam can be made of ice. After all, there is plenty of evidence, information, and literature on how our brain works, how our left hemisphere takes care of our functioning of the gross world of performance and realization, while the real hemisphere allows us to perceive the momentum of the moment and read between the lines. And we also learn that the left hemisphere’s time slowly but surely fades away. And if something has a solid state – matter, somewhere must be liquid and gaseous – softness. Do not admit this is the same as if we deny that steam can be made of ice. After all, there is plenty of evidence, information, and literature on how our brain works, how our left hemisphere takes care of our functioning of the gross world of performance and realization, while the real hemisphere allows us to perceive the momentum of the moment and read between the lines. And we also learn that the left hemisphere’s time slowly but surely fades away.

Let’s have a look at it once

It is only a question of when. Our challenge is that as humans we are fearful, and what we do not understand, we are afraid of it. Because of the lack of that free energy and the lack of urge to move things forward, unfortunately we only reach the unknown and unreliable compartments when we find ourselves in the blind alleys from which our rational thinking does not know the way out. Even an unbelieving and hard-working earthly man sometimes turns symbolically up to “God” when he fails, he does not see the solution, and he just does not know where to go.

And then it will begin. Man is literally forced to raise the level of consciousness and begin to seek answers in a broader context. In other words, take all the courage, come out of the comfort zone and look for solutions to your problems in a wider context torn out of everyday life.

That’s how nature has arranged. That man should not stay in place and constantly evolve. And it does give a logic: When a person is successful, he experiences beautiful feelings, but at the same time it is his most stupid period in terms of his evolution. Why? Because he can stay in his shell known and has no reason to change anything. And without making changes, one does not develop. As soon as he succeeds, his motivated emotion of dissatisfaction will gradually focus on finding new ways of redress and resolution. The result is changes. The result is new knowledge, insights and awareness. As it is said: “Health has a lot of wishes, but only one sick.”

However, our journey does not last for so much time. For the vast majority of us, it is natural that as soon as we relieve ourselves and our activity in everyday reality again begins to be according to our ideas (for example, we get a new job, start a new relationship, or just get the desired results), this arousal will pull us off our need to quite all changes. We go down again to the day-to-day implementation and we do not have the time to do a good job with subtle material. Everyday performances of the surrendered system will overwhelm our minds and we will again become a mouse in the round. With this unconscious and nature-defensive life attitude, we stand in the passive role of someone who only reacts to the life situation rather than preceding them and thus creating them. Like a student who knows he is awaiting a test for the month, but he’ll still learn the last days. Like when a smoker stops smoking when he finds a finding on his lungs. Simply our motivator for change is the fear and the instinct of self-preservation, instead of using what distinguishes us from animals – the gray cortex and the common sense.

And the reason for this defensive? Again, the low level of our free energy that moves us from feelings of courage and desire to learn to low-vibration feelings of indifference with the intention of nothing to change.

As an example of sports practice, I will highlight the fact that trainers from various collective sports often come to me with the question of why their superiors begin to show off their trained performance and do not work until they lose. Why are they hiding in the games in the second and do not want to take responsibility? That was not the previous case.

Yes, it was not. Previously, there were far more individualists in the Czech sport with higher energy levels of free energy who, despite the mistakes of making mistakes, were not afraid to take up the situation. Previously, without smart phones, computers, navigation, and so on, it was a claim to us and our use of common sense, and thus the training of our brain interface, much higher.

The way goes through the sport

Ways to do it is countless everywhere. Anyone who dares to go by the way of a sublime, unknown, will also come to the ways and it means that it will give him or her their own way. And certainly it will not be meditation or hugging trees.

One of the ways in which materially thinking people can “non-satirical” and, in addition, pleasantly approach to subtlety, goes through the sport. But not through the sport itself, but through the “superstructure” deeper education related to its dynamic component.

How else can you understand and understand energy more naturally and “earthly” than physically experience it in the form of ideally timed motion, strikes, passes, etc.? But the fact is you have to know where to look.

Although I notice a shift in this area, the vast majority of athletes focus their attention on the opposite direction – purely on the physical manifestation of the training. However, the physical readiness associated with the first form of energy – that comes to us through physiological processes – is a basic assumption and, in fact, a matter of course. Those key differences in athletes’ results are in the hands of another skill – the art of handling energy in its free form, for example the resulting ability to rise above the importance of the key moments of the game. Successful athletes and martial arts masters do not need to explain why the blows work, why few people can pull them off the ground, why they are simply more effective than others without physically exaggerating others. They simply control the skills to work with energy not only for themselves but also for others.


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